Less Pain!


Whew I am having less pain in my knee everyday! I am hoping to get into the quilt studio and finish a few things. I have machine quilting to do. I have not started working on the skateboarder appliqué as I need to finish cutting all of the pieces for it. I will be going under and over so many things that I must have them all ready to use. I don’t have much more to cut but I will need to do that to complete the wall hanging. Then I will be on to a football player. What I don’t do for my grandson. He has been patient with me. I did start a new hand embroidery project. I know I should finish a Girls Day Out and I will. But during my recovery I needed to have some mindless things to do. This one is all black thread and a Halloween wall hanging for my daughter. It is coming along nicely! I will finish it so I won’t have another UFO! I have been cleaning things out as well. and today is going through all the mail that has piled up. Yuck why I don’t throw it out as it come in is beyond me. So off to get a few things done before having to ice the knee. Have a Great Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


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