Finally Finished

imagesCAUW75WFI have finally finished the Calico Nemesis Quilt top. I started this quilt several years ago. I hated the calico prints. They were from my doll making days! I took a class at with a local quilt guild and I hated the pattern and the fabrics. So on the shelf it sat and sat and sat. I finally took it out and began the process again. I had to finish blocks and resew blocks and yes I still hated it. Finally my daughter took pity on me. She came over and worked through the blocks picking the matching ones. I added an alternate block. I also decided to put them on point. Okay at least I don’t hate the quilt now. It actually looks fine. I need a final border. I will get that today! It is nearly finished. It will end up covering the couch as the dog sleeps on my couch. So all this angst just for a dog quilt! Ah well finished is better than perfect. Photos to come later. Have a great day. Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


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