Nemesis Quilt webWhew I found a wonderful dusty pink border for the Calico Nemesis Quilt yesterday! I will add it to the quilt today. With great weather this weekend I will get it sandwiched and start quilting it. Now I have to decide should I try large stippling or stitch in the ditch? I will probably chicken out and stitch in a ditch! I am also going to start working on EQ lessons and try to put patterns and do regular lessons on Craftsy! I am looking forward to growing my business again. Just to have time to do my own quilting that has piled up for so long is Priceless. It is a rainy day here. So I will spend my time in the Studio. Speaking of my Quilt Studio. I am getting ready for a major move. I am taking over the 2 rooms downstairs. We picked out carpeting as well as I decided on wall color. I am doing light gray walls and medium to dark gray carpeting. I can’t put wood floor in as it is a concrete slab. But before getting all of this done I need to empty the rooms. All of the furniture is going. We need to remove the old rug and padding. Then paint and get the new rug in. So much work. A few trips to Ikea and then have a quilt friends party to set up the Studio. Wish me Luck! But I know I will Love it down there! Have a great Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


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