Time is Flying!

4917_1124221503749_1173468177_30413662_5371963_nI can’t believe it is August! Where or where has the time gone. I wish it had been flying away as I might have been moving into my 2 room Quilt Studio. Alas that project ended up in a holding pattern. I had a few quick trips to quilt shows. A sailing on the sound. All taking up my weekends. I was then called on by my wonderful daughter. I assisted her in baking! Mostly I was dishwashing!  Now I am hoping we can get the furniture out this week and next weekend start demo in the bathroom. We need to re-work the washer and dryer hook-ups. The wall needs to come down. The tile floor needs to be redone! Then painting in the 2 studio rooms a light grey. Then pull up the rug and padding. Then change the doors on the closet. Add new lighting to the rooms. Put the carpet down. Put up the new window treatments. Then start moving stuff as well as a trip to Ikea. for bookcases and anything else that I may need. I am exited about the new project. But it will not end there as I will need to clean and rearrange the 2 rooms I am emptying upstairs. Wish me luck. I hope I will have a lot of help along the way! I am working on 3 quilts. One I am piecing. One is machine quilted. One is hand applique! I am always working. It is the only way to get things finished. I am going to try to post more often. I enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy reading about my life! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Have a Great Day! Luann


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