Finally a Day to Quilt!

thumbnailCAOY2S99This has been a very busy week. I am finally getting some quilting time. I have one errand to run. The dog needs food. So off to the Vet to get it. Then sewing all afternoon. I also am going to quilting this evening with my Thursday quilters group. I haven’t been in such a long time. I am so looking forward to it. I finished quilting my friends quilt. I have to do the binding and then send it off to her. Whew glad that is done! I will be going full steam ahead on the Fallen Hero’s quilt. I want that finished by Labor Day! We will need to put labels on and make bags for the quilts. The presentation is at the end of Sept. So that one will take priority. Since Sept will be very busy for me. Cleaning out the two rooms for my new studio. Painting pulling up carpeting. may even need the electrician in to do some work. I know I will want to be working in the studio and not quilting so I have to finish stuff up before the Big Move. Have a really great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


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