???????????????????????????????Okay so there I am at the sewing machine. I change the top thread as I am almost out. So of course I change the bobbin as well, just in case it is close to running out. I put on my quilting gloves. I continue quilting the Fallen Hero quilt. I did one complete row about 66 inches worth. I start the next row and finally look at the stitching. It looks wrong. I pull the quilt out and check the bobbin grrrr the bobbin popped out of the tension area. I know have to sit and rip it out! Ugh! I just hate when that happens. It is all ripped out and stitched again. I am hoping to finish the Hero quilt today or tomorrow. Then it will be binding and finally on to wine bottle bags! I guess it was just one of those days today! I am looking forward to getting back to quilting the Sunflower wall hanging. I also want to finish my Log Cabin quilt! So much to do! Have a great Evening! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


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