Doing Well!

One of my friend Jackies Lighthouses

One of my friend Jackies Lighthouses

I am almost finished quilting the Hero quilt. I am hoping to get it trimmed today! I have to make the binding and sew it onto the quilt.  Then I will hand sew the binding down! Then one day to make wine bottle bags. So fingers crossed for all of the sewing being done by the end of the week. Then it will be working on the new studio rooms. I can’t wait to move all my stuff downstairs. I am so cramped in the studio room right now. I had to open my quilting table up to quilt these big quilts. Because of that I had to move a bookcase. Block the walk-in closet. I barely have room to sit and sew. I have been quilting and will continue to until the big move. I need to finish quilting the several projects I have. Then I can sandwich the several projects that are waiting to be quilted. So everyday there is progress. Slow and steady wins the race. Stay tuned for updates. When I start designing again I will post the new designs here. Have a great day! Do what you Love to do! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


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