Productive Day!


Whew I am working on many projects at once. One of them is a Large Hexagon block quilt. I am doing mine in 1930’s fabrics. I had a lot of 1930’s repro fabric so I decided it would work well. So I look at this pattern and I decide to make a few changes. Yep I am morphing yet another pattern. I added white centers to the center hexagons. I will hand applique smaller hexagons to those white centers. Then I am adding a bigger white border and hand appliqueing more various sizes of the hexagons. I am almost finished assembling the quilt body. It is slow going. I have one row pinned to sew. I have 3 more rows to assemble and attach to the quilt top. I will post a photo when I finish it. I hope I can get it completed tomorrow. I also worked on the House on the Hill wall quilt from McCall’s magazine in 2006. Again I am morphing this pattern. I had sewn on 2 checkerboard borders and they did not fit with the other 2 borders. I ripped off the 2 attached side borders. Turned them and now all the squares match. I had to stop and make dinner. Tonight I will work on the fall embroidery and hand applique blocks I have waiting for me. So I am always busy but happy to be working daily in my Studio. I hope you have a good evening. Luann



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