Quilt Top Finished!


Woohoo! I finished the Hexagon quilt top yesterday! It was a tricky assembly but I manged to get it together. I had a lot of Frog stitching to do. Rip it Rip it and some more Rip it. Now to make the smaller hexagons to applique on after the top is quilted.   Today I want to get the Girls day out border on. I ripped off the last border as I was not happy with it. I hope the border I am putting on next works better. I am pretty sure it will.   I am also putting the checkerboard border on the House on the hill quilt I am working on. I want to cut the next border for that one and start cutting applique patterns for that border.  So busy! But I am so pleased with my progress. Photos to be posted later. Hubby has to hold the hexagon top up. It is a nice size. I am hoping it fits on our bed.  So off to the Studio. Have a great day! Luann



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