Finished a Small Project!


It is so nice to finish a project. I did a small hand embroidery quilt for my 12″ by 14″ table rack. I am working on a Redwork Christmas one now. With a Quilting Snowwoman for the Winter months in all the shades of blue. I will pick out the Spring and Summer embroidery and work those up in order. I have to take a photo of my small quilt.I will post it tomorrow. I started the applique on the Retreat quilt. That is going well. It is a solid black background so I traced the design onto fusible interfacing and so far so good. It is a good way to see where I have to sew all the parts to the background fabric. My hands where hurting a lot the past week due to a medication. I had to stop taking said medication for other reasons. I am feeling so much better with a lot less pain. I also managed to cut all of the applique pieces for the House on the Hill quilt. It is the second border. I do love to morph a pattern. The wind is blowing here today. It is in the 40’s and dropping! Stay Warm and Be Safe. Have a great weekend! Luann


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