Color and How we see it!

Color is a personal preference!

What is your personal color that draws you in?

How do you use color to make your quilts stand out in a crowd?

The color wheel is an illustration of the organization of the 12 pure colors. These colors are used in pigments and dyes.
These are the basis for the fabrics we buy today!

The Color Wheel:

Primary Colors;

Red; Yellow; Blue;

Colors not made by any other color.

color wheel 1

Color Wheel:

Secondary Colors;

Orange; Green; Violet;

Colors made with equal parts of 2 of the Primary Colors.

color wheel 2

Color Wheel: Tertiary Colors; Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Blue-Violet, and Red-Violet.

These Colors are made by combining 2 of the Primary and Secondary colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

cool wheel 3    Mosaic Beauty

Knowing how colors relate on the Color Wheel can help us when choosing fabric for our quilts.

There are 3 Basic Categories in which Color can be used in making our quilts; Monochromatic, Blended and Complementary.

First decide on how we want to use color in our quilt.

Do we want our quilt to be Dramatic, Blended or Complementary?

Monochromatic: One color quilts are Monochromatic. They are made using only one color that is usually combined with White or another type of Neutral fabric. They use the full color run of one color. This will show you the subtle differences in value.

color wheel 4   Small Red and White Quilts

Blended Quilts: Quilts that have three to five blending colors, which lie side by side on the color wheel, create a harmonious or blended color scheme because they have at least one color in common.

color wheel5  Purple Thistle Round Robin Quilt

Purple Thistle Round Robin Quilt

Complementary Quilts use complimentary colors create visual interest because they contrast.

Use the Temperatures of Color to enhance your quilts.

Warm Colors:

Red: Yellow: Orange.

When you think of warm colors think of Fire and Heat!

Cool Colors:

Violet: Blue: Green.

When you think of Cool Colors think of Water and Ice!

One color is from the warm side and one color is from the cool side. Many successful color schemes include at least an accent of the complementary color.
color wheel 6    4917_1124221503749_1173468177_30413662_5371963_n

Red and Green Tulips

The Gray Scale

Why use a gray scale?

It will help you to evaluate a colors value.

Value is the amount of lightness or darkness of a color.

This helps you to perceive the movement in a quilt.

Ex, To Boldly Go; See how the planets jump out at you.

The twister quilt is a more muted palette.

Using a full range of colors in a quilt makes that quilt stunning.

??????????????????????????????? DSCN0226_edited-2

Have fun looking at quilt photos and determine which area on the color wheel they fall into! Luann


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