Oh My!!!!

Flower Baskets TRweb

One of my email accounts was hacked! Ugh!!! I hate when that happens. I am trying to change all the accounts with that address! It isn’t easy! I had tried to just change the password. That did not work. Hubby ran several virus and spyware scans. Nothing showed up. My only recourse was to change my email address. Blech! I wish I knew why people feel they need to hack emails. So instead of quilting and piecing I sit here and change change change all the places I used that address on.

On a quilty note, I am muddling through quilting the skateboarder quilt. I am also enjoying my new accuquilt go big electric cutter. Since my hands have severe inflammatory arthritis, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the electric cutter. I played with it a little yesterday. I will play some more when I get the skateboarder finished. Tomorrow I pickup a quilt at my LAer’s. I am dropping off another one. I will slowly get all the tops I have waiting quilted. I have 2 more to go to the LAer. I will get the rest finished on my domestic machine. I quilt with a walking foot and feed dogs up. I am hoping to take a class or 2 with a very talented machine quilter for free motion quilting.

It has been a long cold and snowy Winter. I am so looking forward to spring.I will try to post more often. Have a great day. Stay warm and safe. Luann


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