Piecing Away

Witcthes Wall Quilt

Whew I have been busy. We have been on a cruise. Finally back home and into the groove. I finished embroidery blocks. Next is to cut the blocks out and finish piecing them into a quilt. I also found 2 UFO’s that I am working on. One has the block pieces currently being pieced. The other is a round robin that got caught in limbo. The top arrived back to me and I removed the last round. I also had to pull papers off of a paper pieced round and trim a billion threads from that round. I do have a plan for the round robin and will start cutting soon. I also reorganized my scraps and already cut scraps for the many scrap quilts I want to make. So even though I have not been writing I have been working. In my last post I was approaching surgery. Well I chickened out and did not have it. I still have pain and pick and choose the hand projects I do. Surgery will have to come. I just wasn’t ready for it. I hope you all are getting back into quilting as the weather turns colder. Live Love and Quilt Enough! Luann


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