Good Days!

Stonehenge web

Oh yes I love good days. I especially love good days in the Studio. I am zipping through a yellow nad blue UFO!. It is almost to assembling the blocks stage. This quilt came about because I had leftover pieces from a Bonnie Hunter quilt I made. I did not want to stash the star pieces. So I designed a quilt with those pieces. I will post a photo when I get to putting the blocks together. Then at top stage. I need to cut the borders for that pesky round robin. then I can call it a top and move on. How about you? Do you get all warm and fuzzy as you complete a project. I know I do.

This Winter I need to label all the quilts without labels. I need to take better photos and I need to complete my documentation. It is so important. I also want to leave a quilt for you list. Just trying to be even more organized. Off to play. Have a Great Day! Live Love and Quilt Enough! Luann


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