Back to Normal

At Peace at Sea

Yes Max is back to normal. He is breathing much better. He is so happy to be home with me. I am happy to have my Quilting buddy back. I only managed a small amount of piecing yesterday. The rains where here and was I hurting. The great weather we have had has taken it’s toll on me. I felt really good most of the Summer. When the pressure drops the joints scream in pain. Ah well it could always be worse. I am thankful for the rain. We really did need it. The leaves are just about off the trees. The oak leaves are hanging on as they always do. Acorns are everywhere!

I am half way through the assembling of the blue and yellow blocks. I have to decide on setting triangles today. I want to start pulling fabric for an applique project. I am loving my Studio. Off to play. Have a great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


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