Geesh Trying to Write!

The Boat at Givery

Wow I am trying to keep up on my writing. I usually finish my computer stuff and just get up and head down to the Studio. I do forget to write. I am just so excited to get in the Studio I forget. Plain and simple. I love working in my Studio. I am currently finishing up the basket quilt. I am tracing the applique  in the borders. I did cut 4 stems to short so I will cut more today! Then I have 144 leaves and 80 cherries to prep for the hand applique. It is gonna be a great wall quilt. I will post photos soon. I finished the yellow and blue blocks. They will be assembled soon. I have to work on the round robin next. I will also be picking out fabric for the new wall quilt! As you can see I am sew busy! I am loving it!

Max is doing okay. He is still cough some. Today is the last day of one antibiotic. We will see how he does once he is back on maintenance meds. He is still hungry and eating well. Fingers crossed.


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