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Rome Italy

I have made many changes since I last blogged. I closed my pattern business. Oh I still designer patterns for my self. I don’t sell them anymore. I am working on many new projects. Currently I am cutting out 4 new quilts. I am looking at the UFO’s and will pick 3 or 4 to finish. I have several tops sandwiched and ready to machine quilt. So I am busy everyday. I love what I do.I am happiest in my Studio. It is a place that soothes my soul.  We have been traveling and last Oct we saw Italy. We fell in love with Venice. So much so that we are going back next year. Our favorite form of traveling is cruising. The most bang for the buck. I look forward to our trips. I get even more ideas for my quilting with each place we visit.  I am going to try to post at least once a week. maybe more probably less. I am off to the Studio now. Have a Blessed Day!


Back to Normal?


Well between my Hubby being sick for 2 weeks. The car crash a week ago. The multitude of errands last week. I am finally getting back to the Studio. I designed a quilt a while ago in EQ7. I was tweaking it and Hubby saw it. He loves it. He wants me to use my face for the silhouettes! Now to see if we can pull that off. I do love his suggestions. They are almost always spot on. He supports my quilting passion. I am forever grateful for that.

Today day is cold and blustery here in New England. It is supposed to warm up for Thanksgiving. I personally like the cooler weather. The leaves are all off. Winter is around the corner. Have a great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann



Yes it is Monday. Again. Wow the days and weeks are flying by. I don’t know were the time goes. I think as I age the clock spins faster. When I was younger the clock spun slower. Maybe it is a part of the aging process. I can only wonder.

I am hoping for sometime in the Studio today. I did mange to baste my stems down on the basket quilt. I am cutting leaves for it as well. It has 144 leaves in sml, med and large. I am using 4 different green fabrics for those leaves. I will start prepping the berries as well. They are cut now I have to get them made around the carding pieces. I will then starch them so I have perfect circles. I really like the way it is coming. I have the yellow and blue blocks ready for making into a quilt top. So I have been busy working away! I hope you have a beautiful day. Ours is a perfect Fall day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann

Happy Friday!


Such a happy Friday. I am off to afternoon quilting. I thought it was yesterday. Turns out to be today! It is much better for me today!. Yesterday those pesky errands took me about an hour and a half to complete. I was faced with issues at both errands! I just had to accept that it was me having to deal with SP’s. Geesh. I got back home and spent a little while in the Studio. That calmed me right down. I will back to the Studio after quilt group.

I did manage to cut 80 red circles for the basket quilt applique. Now onto the leaves. It is coming along nicely. I do have to make sure my corner appliques are even. That will be this afternoons project.

It is a warm windy day in New England. The oak leaves are falling finally. As they carpet the lawn and everything else I can only wonder at how many leaves that Oak trees hold. I am so happy I have a lawn care company to do Fall clean-up. Have a wonderful Day and a Great Weekend. Live LOve and Laugh Enough! Luann

Geesh Trying to Write!

The Boat at Givery

Wow I am trying to keep up on my writing. I usually finish my computer stuff and just get up and head down to the Studio. I do forget to write. I am just so excited to get in the Studio I forget. Plain and simple. I love working in my Studio. I am currently finishing up the basket quilt. I am tracing the applique  in the borders. I did cut 4 stems to short so I will cut more today! Then I have 144 leaves and 80 cherries to prep for the hand applique. It is gonna be a great wall quilt. I will post photos soon. I finished the yellow and blue blocks. They will be assembled soon. I have to work on the round robin next. I will also be picking out fabric for the new wall quilt! As you can see I am sew busy! I am loving it!

Max is doing okay. He is still cough some. Today is the last day of one antibiotic. We will see how he does once he is back on maintenance meds. He is still hungry and eating well. Fingers crossed.

Friday Already!

One wall of fabric fabric room  Fabric wall and pressing center

The week just flew by! I am heading down to the Studio. I want to accomplish so much but will not get as much completed as I wish. But oh how nice it is to just sit and sew. It is so much cheaper than therapy! I love the feel the smell the colors of fabric. Ask my quilting friends just how much I Love Fabric. I do need to get into my fabric and reorganize a little more. Maybe on the first multi day snow storm! I did work on blocks yesterday. Those are the yellow and blue ones that I hope to finish today. I settled on the setting squares for the basket quilt. I want to start preparing the Flowers in Vases applique quilt. So much to do so little time. But as the Little Engine said: I think I can I think I can I Know I Can! I am blessed to be doing what I love to do. Blessings for you today. Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann

Back to Normal

At Peace at Sea

Yes Max is back to normal. He is breathing much better. He is so happy to be home with me. I am happy to have my Quilting buddy back. I only managed a small amount of piecing yesterday. The rains where here and was I hurting. The great weather we have had has taken it’s toll on me. I felt really good most of the Summer. When the pressure drops the joints scream in pain. Ah well it could always be worse. I am thankful for the rain. We really did need it. The leaves are just about off the trees. The oak leaves are hanging on as they always do. Acorns are everywhere!

I am half way through the assembling of the blue and yellow blocks. I have to decide on setting triangles today. I want to start pulling fabric for an applique project. I am loving my Studio. Off to play. Have a great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann