Back to Normal

At Peace at Sea

Yes Max is back to normal. He is breathing much better. He is so happy to be home with me. I am happy to have my Quilting buddy back. I only managed a small amount of piecing yesterday. The rains where here and was I hurting. The great weather we have had has taken it’s toll on me. I felt really good most of the Summer. When the pressure drops the joints scream in pain. Ah well it could always be worse. I am thankful for the rain. We really did need it. The leaves are just about off the trees. The oak leaves are hanging on as they always do. Acorns are everywhere!

I am half way through the assembling of the blue and yellow blocks. I have to decide on setting triangles today. I want to start pulling fabric for an applique project. I am loving my Studio. Off to play. Have a great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann


Sleepless Nights


Yep I had one of those sleepless nights. Our poor dog  has chronic bronchitis on top of his congestive heart disease. He was constantly bark coughing for 3 plus hours. Hubby took him to the Vet’s this morning. He is there until this evening when hubby picks him up. He has received antibiotics and a new pill to help him breathe. This is an almost 16 year old dog. He is old. But this is treatable. I hope these meds ease his breathing. He was so scared this morning. When his time comes I will miss him so much. It is really quiet and empty in this house without him. I am off to the Studio! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann

A New Week

Design Wall sewing center sewing room

A new week is starting! I am looking forward to time in the Studio. I do need to run a few errands this week. Not many but enough. I have a new pattern to enlarge at Staples. I also need to find some hat boxes for my hats. I should pull hats and scarves, gloves and Winter coats to wash for the new Fall and Winter seasons. Ugh with the cold comes the pain. I really need a warmer climate. Soon we will be in one. I bought stew meet and fixings for Irish beef stew. I am also planning to make creamy chicken and wild rice soup.The cooler the weather the warmer comfort foods are made. I have my 2 projects to finish this week. I need to do some machine quilting as well. Always busy. I am loving my studio and the time I spend in there.

Have a great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann

Lazy Sunday!

Witchy Tablerunner

Here I am on a lazy, rainy Sunday. Listening to Jazz sipping my coffee. I so do enjoy days like today! But it will not last long. The rain is ending. Thankfully! As with the rain came the pain! We will be off to the store food shopping. Made the mistake of going to Costco in Danbury on a Saturday! Oh my goodness. They were pushing past with carts loaded with food and other items geesh! I was in many peoples way! Oh well we survived the store only to meet up with said people in the parking lot. Nuts I tell ya just nuts! I will stick with my local store thank you very much!  I am looking forward to a week in the Studio. I am missing Houston Quilt Inc this year. I love to go it is a most amazing place to be. I think I will be missing it next year as well. We have a huge trip in the planning stage so maybe 2017 is when I will get back. Have a great Sunday! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann

Good Day in the Studio

I feel like I am accomplishing something now. I had a good day in the Studio. I finished squaring up the Civil War Basket blocks. I put 8 blocks together on the Blue and Yellow Delights quilt. I am rolling along. It feels wonderful.


I ordered Yoko Saito’s book Floral Bouquet Quilts book. It is a beautiful book with an amazing amount of projects. If you love applique and embroidery as I do it is a must have book. I will start this one sooner than later.

I am off to do weekend shopping have a great day! Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann

Rolling Along

Fall SWQweb

It feels great to be rolling along on my projects. I am squaring up blocks for a Civil War Repro basket quilt. It should hit the design wall today. I need to cut setting blocks for the on point setting. The blue and yellow scrap quilt is to block assembling stage. The purple round robin is ready for it’s final rounds. I am also working on an embroidery snowman quilt. The hand quilting on my1930’s baskets quilt will never get finished if I don’t spend some time working on it. UGH! Ahh well at least I am making progress.

The weather is cooler today. More like a true New England Fall day. The leaves are falling the color is just past peak color. It is a pretty time of year here. I hope you have a wonderful day! Off to the Studio to try and finish these 3 projects. Photos too follow. Live Love and Laugh Enough! Luann

Good Days!

Stonehenge web

Oh yes I love good days. I especially love good days in the Studio. I am zipping through a yellow nad blue UFO!. It is almost to assembling the blocks stage. This quilt came about because I had leftover pieces from a Bonnie Hunter quilt I made. I did not want to stash the star pieces. So I designed a quilt with those pieces. I will post a photo when I get to putting the blocks together. Then at top stage. I need to cut the borders for that pesky round robin. then I can call it a top and move on. How about you? Do you get all warm and fuzzy as you complete a project. I know I do.

This Winter I need to label all the quilts without labels. I need to take better photos and I need to complete my documentation. It is so important. I also want to leave a quilt for you list. Just trying to be even more organized. Off to play. Have a Great Day! Live Love and Quilt Enough! Luann