Lovely Aromas!

Oh how lovely my home smells! Hubby is making sauce(gravy). It smells so good! He makes the best sauce. He spoils me with his culinary delights! I do not want to go out to eat as it is almost never as good as he can make. I go out because he wants to go. Otherwise I would stay hame and have him cook for me every night. Ah well I enjoy it when he does! I started doing the cooking when I was 14 years old. I know how to cook and bake. I did it well. He found he loves to prepare our meals and I let him! It is so nice to be pampered. It is also why I get so much done. He is the best trained hubby I know. I do appreciate all that he does for me. I would be lost without him! Love you Babe! I need to do some writing today! So off I go to write! Have a Great Day! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Lovely Aromas!

  1. I know I am lucky to have a personal chef er cook! I do still make a few things but he does most of the cooking! The sauce came out so good! I really do compare everyones cooking to his. My sister Adrea tops him as a gourmet chef. But that is what she loves to do! Yes truely blessed with great cooks and a wonderful baker JB! Her cakes cookies and cadies are sinfully delicious!

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